FAQ SwiftAlarm! GOLD

SwiftAlarm! GOLD is a smartphone application that gives you and your family peace of mind. In case of an emergency, you can push SwiftAlarm!’s big red alarm button, and the app will automatically inform your pre-defined contacts through SMS and a phone call. Because your current position is included in the SMS, your loved ones will be able to quickly come to assist you.

It’s simple: To get the best out of SwiftAlarm! GOLD, set up your LifeCircles: the places you visit often, like your home, your office or your gym, and specify who you want to have contacted in case of an emergency. When you’re at home, you might want to let your spouse or neighbour know, in the office, a trusted colleague could be your first responder.

Once set up, SwiftAlarm! GOLD tracks your position and stores the last five points in your phone. In case of an emergency, all you need to do is to press the big red alarm button, and SwiftAlarm! GOLD will notify the right people according to your position.

When developping SwiftAlarm! GOLD, we considered our parents and wanted to give them a way to quickly contact us in case something is wrong. While we hope that it’s never needed, we thought that SwiftAlarm! GOLD users can call for help when they feel dizzy, disorientated or even experienced an accident.

To trigger the alarm, you need to press the big red alarm button, SwiftAlarm! GOLD will take care of the rest. If you’re using an iPhone, you will also have to confirm sending the text messages.

According to your settings, SwiftAlarm! GOLD will send SMS messages to several contacts and call one of your contacts. The SMS will include your personal information, the address of your current LifeCircle with additional information and a link to a map that shows your current location.

Die A SwiftAlarm! GOLD registration is valid for a person, not for a device. You can install SwiftAlarm! GOLD on as many phones as you like, so you can take it with you when you get a new phone and you can have it installed on more than one device.

As of July 2015,SwiftAlarm! GOLD is available for Android 2.2 or higher and for iPhone with iOS 6 and higher:

Nobody! Your location data is only stored locally on your phone. Even our servers won’t know where you are. Only if you trigger the alarm, your five most recent positions are transmitted through our servers to your pre-defined contacts.

In both cases, for your doctor as well as an emergency call center, you should check beforehand if they agree to be set up as first responders. If they are, of course you can send alarms to them!

You can, and we hope you do!

SwiftAlarm! GOLD is currently available in English, German, French, Spanish, Korean, Japanese and Chinese.

If you are willing to be a translation volunteer or spotted something in a translation that you consider not correct, please contact us by telling us what language (or even only a minority dialect) you would like to translate and if you speak and write german or english (which are our basic languages): I_am_a_translation_volunteer@swiftalarm.com.

It will take you about 70-90 minutes to translate one full language, and you help us giving access to more and more people in the world. If you spotted an error, a screenshot would be nice and where you saw the mistake. Thank you!

From our side, there are no country restrictions. If you can find SwiftAlarm! GOLD in your country’s version of the app stores and GPS tracking works, you can use SwiftAlarm! GOLD.

To make it easier for you to set up LifeCircles, we already pre-set some for you. But you can set up as many LifeCircles as you need. And of course you can set up more than one place as your home. To do so, first tap on LifeCircles and then on the plus-sign.

This case is exactly why we developped the LifeCircles: Set up places you visit regularly. Those can be concrete places, such as your apartment or your office, but you can also use bigger areas, like for example a whole city. Depending on the location you can select which contacts to notify when you trigger the alarm.

While SwiftAlarm! GOLD requires your GPS tracking to protect you, it doesn’t have a great influence on your battery. The GPS location will be searched in intervals between 10 seconds and 10 minutes, depending on your app settings. According to our tests, this won’t decrease your battery life by more than 8%.

Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t allow apps to automatically send text messages. That’s why you will have to manually confirm sending the text message if you’re using iOS.

FAQ all NoPanic products

Because of Apple’s restrictive policies, we can not offer the same functionalities on iOS as we can on Android. We recommend using the Android version..

When you trigger the alarm, two things will happen:

  • one contact will be called
  • all the other contacts for the current LifeCircle will receive a text message

The text message contains a link to a map which shows the SwiftAlarm! user’s current position as well as predefined information about the user, such as age, height or allergies.

After triggering the alarm, you will see a button that says “false alarm”. If you tap it, your contacts will receive a second text message that asks them to ignore the first one.

In this case you would have to trigger the alarm again.

You can use SwiftAlarm! GOLD without internet connection. In the unlikely case that you have an internet connection but no phone connection, the alarm can be sent via the internet. Additional fees will apply.

Apple doesn’t allow apps to automaticly send text messages, so you will have to manually confirm sending the alarm.


If you are using an iPhone with one of our additional devices (SwiftAlarm! NoPanic ViolenceProtection oder SwiftAlarm! NoPanic Professional FallDetection), you will need an internet connection to send the alarm.

Yes! You just need a phone connection or mobile internet.


The patented LifeCircle-Technology is the core part of SwiftAlarm! GOLD: depending on your location, you can choose which contacts to notify in case of an emergeny.


Let’s start with the LifeCircle GENERAL: Who do you want to notify in case of an emergeny? Who do you want to call? You can input your contacts’ numbers manually or tap on the phone book icon to select them from your smartphone’s internal phone book. Choose who should receive a text message and who should get a call. For the text message, you can select several contacts.


As soon as the LifeCircle GENERAL is set up, help is just one tap away!

You can create as many LifeCircles as you like. We already prepared some for you, such as HOME, WORK or GYM. If you don’t need these, simply leave them empty and they won’t be used. And of course you can create your own LifeCircles for places you visit regularly.

Using your GPS data, the app knows when you are in one of your LifeCircles. If you trigger the alarm, the app will notify the contacts that you have selected for this LifeCircle. This way, you can get help from the people who are in the same area.

Of course you can edit all your setting later.

Please input your address and add important information

for example where to find a spare key. After that, please select who you want to notify if you have an accident at home. Who could easily and quickly come to your place? Maybe a neighbour? Friends who live nearby? The lovely couple who has a small business down the street?

In this LifeCircle you can input information about your work place. Your colleagues or your secretary could be preset as first contacts.

If you own a car, please input the model and colour. SwiftAlarm! GOLD can detect when you are moving quickly and can send information about your car, so you can be found more easily.

In this LifeCircle, you can input your gym’s address.

No, this is not possible with SwiftAlarm! GOLD. Your location is only saved in your smartphone’s internal memory, and the app only saves the last five points. As soon as your phone detects a new location, the oldest one will be deleted. Only when you send out the alarm, the latest five points will be sent to your contacts (and where required also to our servers).

FAQ NoPanic ViolenceProtection

When using the SwiftAlarm! NoPanic ViolenceProtection button, SwiftAlarm! GOLD is easier to use. But of course you are also save without the button, as long as you are carrying your smartphone with SwiftAlarm! GOLD

You can change the battery yourself by carefully opening the button, replacing the battery and carefully close the button again.

Within 24 hours, they will reconnect automatically. In holiday mode (can be set in the app’s settings) or if they have been separated for more than 24 hours, you will have to reconnect them manually.

FAQ NoPanic Professional FallDetection

In case of a fall, the NoPanic Professional FallDetection automatically detects that there is an emergency and will send a bluetooth signal to the SwiftAlarm! GOLD app on your smartphone. The app will then send out an alarm to your contacts.

Possibly yes. But if the wearer slides down very slowly, the FallDetection will not be able to detect it. In that case it would be best to trigger the alarm manually.

If the wearer needs help, he/she can press the button on the device. This will also trigger the alarm.

I have another question/idea

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to send us an email toI_have_a_question_for_you@swiftalarm.com.

If you have an idea how to make SwiftAlarm! GOLD even better or if you have technical problems with SwiftAlarm! GOLD, please send us an email to always_room_for_improvement@swiftalarm.com.

Ihre It might help you or someone else and we are very grateful!