Help – For Emergency Contacts

Help – for emergency contacts

A friend has sent you an alarm with SwiftAlarm! GOLD? What to do now?

If you have received a text message that looks roughly like the one below, it means that a friend or family member has selected you as an emergency contact and has triggered an alarm.

Informationen in the text message

Depending on the user’s settings, the text message can contain important information, for example whether they have any allergies or where to find their spare key.

Map with exact position

If you follow the link in the text message, you will see a map that shows the SwiftAlarm! user’s current as well as the last four positions.

Tap on the SwiftAlarm! logo below the map and pull it upwards to see the info box with more detailed information. The big red button will lead you to your phone’s route planner, so you can find out how to quickly reach the location to help.

A picture says more than 1000 words

By clicking on the SwiftAlarm! logo or the arrow below the map you can see more information. Depending on your friend’s version of the app, you may see photos that have been taken when the alarm was triggered. These pictures can give you important information about the situation, such as:

the victim has fallen within a building

→ Call the ambulance!

the victim has fallen outdoors

→ Call the ambulance!

the victim is being attacked

→ Call the police!


You have the most vital information to be able to act quickly. Call the authorities or drive to your friend’s location, if you are nearby.