Help – For Configuration

Setting up SwiftAlarm! GOLD

You have downloaded SwiftAlarm! GOLD for yourself or for a family member, friend or acquintance or you want to download it and you need help setting it up? In this case you’ve come to the right place. We describe every step of the setup.

Download the app

Download SwiftAlarm! GOLD from your app store and wait until it has been installed on your phone. After this has been done, please start the app.

Register account

Please start by selecting your language. The default language is your smartphone’s language. Currently, SwiftAlarm! GOLD is available in German, English, French, Spanish, Korean, Japanese and Chinese.


width= In the next step, please tap on the button that says “Not yet registered? Click here”
After that, please type in your first and last names.

These will be used when you send an alarm, so your emergency contacts will know immediately who it is that asks for their help.

If you have a code, you can input it here. This step is optional.
After this, a user name will be suggested, based on your first and last names. You can accept this user name or change it. If your chosen user name is already in use, the app will suggest a similar name.

When you tap on “register”, the registration process is finished. Later you can login using your user name and your password, which in the beginning will be set to “0000”, but can and should be changed.

Who should be notified in case of an emergency? Creating LifeCircles

The patented LifeCircle technology is SwiftAlarm! GOLD’s core. Based on your current location you can choose which contacts to notify in case of an emergency.


Who should always be notified?


For “General”, please select contacts who should always be notified in case of an emergency.

We distinguish between text message and call: for the text message, you can select as many contacts as you like, for the call you can only select one contact.

Text message

Whom do you want to send a text message with your location data in case of an emergency? You can select several people.

You can input your contact’s numbers manually or choose them from your smartphone’s internal phone book by tapping on the phone book icon.
Please be sure to start the phone number with the respective country code (i.e. +1 or 0044). Otherwise the message or call might not reach the recipient.

In the lower field, you can input a personal text that will be sent in the alarm text message. Anything that helps your contacts to help you can be put in here. Do you have allergies? Do you need to regularly take specific drugs?


Who do you want to call? Choose one person here. It could also be one of the contacts that you’ve already selected for the text message.

Starting from June 2017, Apple does not support outgoing calls that are triggered by a sensor (change of Apple’s company policy). This does not apply to an alarm that is triggered via the SwiftAlarm! Gold app. Here, the call will be initiated if a number is set in the settings.
This limitation does not apply to Android phones.


You can input your contact’s numbers manually or choose them from your smartphone’s internal phone book by tapping on the phone book icon.
As with SMS, please be sure to start the phone number with the respective country code (i.e. +1 or 0044). Otherwise the call might not reach the recipient.


As soon as the LifeCircle GENERAL is set up, help is just one tap away!


Different emergency contacts for different locations – set up more LifeCircles

If you regularly visit specific places (i.e. home, holiday house, gym, ….), we suggest you to set up different LifeCircles for each of those places.You can create as many LifeCircles as you like. We already prepared some for you, such as HOME, WORK or GYM. If you don’t need these, simply leave them empty and they won’t be used. And of course you can create your own LifeCircles for places you visit regularly.


Using your GPS data, the app knows when you are in one of your LifeCircles. If you trigger the alarm, the app will notify the contacts that you have selected for this LifeCircle. This way, you can get help from the people who are in the same area.


Of course you can edit all of your settings later.

LifeCircle HOME


Please input your address and add important information, for example where to find a spare key.
After that, please select who you want to notify if you have an accident at home. Who could easily and quickly come to your place? Maybe a neighbour? Friends who live nearby? The lovely couple who has a small business down the street?


We recommend you to give a spare key to somebody you trust, so

the door doesn’t have to be broken if you have an accident.

LifeCircle WORK

In this LifeCircle you can input information about your work place. Your colleagues or your secretary could be preset as first contacts.


LifeCircle CAR
If you own a car, please input the model and colour. SwiftAlarm! GOLD can detect when you are moving quickly and can send information about your car, so you can be found more easily.

LifeCircle SPORT

In this LifeCircle, you can input your gym’s address.



Personal Data

Tap on SETTINGS and then on PERSONAL DATA.


The information asked for here is important because they will be sent in the emergency text message. You can also select a secret question that will be used in case you forget your password (which is by default 0000).

The additional info box is for important information for your emergency helpers, such as allergies etc.

You can also change your app’s language in here.

User account

Here you can see and edit your user name and password, you can log out and you can manage your SwiftAlarm! subscription.

App settings

In the app settings, you can select the frequency of the GPS positioning.
If you are using the Platin version, you can select the option “Include photos in Beeline”. With this option, your smartphone will take photos when you trigger the alarm and send them in the emergency text message.


Here you can add your sensors if you already have them.

The Button “Get a sensor” is not yet available.
If you tap on “Add a sensor” at the bottom of the page, you will see two options. Choose here between “NoPanic Violence Protection”-Sensor (the left image) and the “Professional Fall Detection”-Sensor (fall sensor, right image)  
After tapping on one of the sensors, you will see a new screen.

Prepare your sensor and click the sensor button three times. The sensor will then connect to your smartphone.


ATTENTION: Bluetooth must always be activated on your smartphone when you are connecting and when you are using a sensor!

Activating GPS Postitioning


Open your smartphone’s settings and set GPS to “on”. This can generally be found under “Privacy and Safety” or “Location settings”, depending on your smartphone’s mode.

After GPS has been turned on, your phone will search for your location.

iOS (Apple)

Open the menu “Settings”. You can set up positioning for each app under “privacy”. Scroll down to find SwiftAlarm! and activate the positioning.  

Activating the SwiftAlarm! widget

A widget will help you to quickly access an app. It is always shown on the main screen. You only need to tap once to send your alarm. How to put a widget on your home screen should be explained more detailed in your smartphone’s manual.


Search for the SwiftAlarm! widget and place it on your home screen, so it is quickly accessible when you need it.

iOS (Apple)

Open your notification center, select “edit” and add SwiftAlarm! GOLd.


By tapping on the horizontal lines on the right side of the widget name you can move the widget up or down.

If you are at home and have set up your address in the LifeCircle HOME, the widget should now show “HOME”.

Test the emergency case

We recommend to test the app, so in an emergency you will know exactly how to handle it. But best warn your emergency contacts first (you can send them the manual “Help for emergency contacts”) – because you won’t want to scare them!


Consider SwiftAlarm! your safety belt

After SwiftAlarm! GOLD has been set up, it will be there for you, although we hope that you’ll never have to use it.


We are very happy that you decided to use SwiftAlarm! GOLD and we hope it will help you to feel more free and without fear than before. If you are satisfied, please tell your friends! This might safe their lives one day. Start with your first responders, tell them why you chose them to be your first responders and offer to do the same for them.


But please remember: SwiftAlarm! does not save lives. People save lives. We just do our best to help them.