SwiftAlarm! NoPanic Professional FallDetection

Especially for the elderly, falls can be fatal. It is therefore all the more important to get help as soon as possible. We recommend the SwiftAlarm! NoPanic Professional FallDetection. Worn around the neck, the device detects reliably when the wearer falls and automatically triggers the alarm, so that the person can get help as quickly as possible.

Not only does the intelligent fall sensor detect falls automatically, but can also determine whether there were still further movements after the fall, ie, whether the wearer has stood up by himself.

The device also has a button with which the alarm can also be triggered manually if the wearer needs help for other reasons.

Different coloured cases

In our experience, not everyone wants to be seen with a fall sensor around the neck. And because our customers’ requests are important to us, we cooperated with a designer to deleop cases that turn the fall sensor into an appealing piece of jewelery. This doesn’t affect the functionality in any way. Currently the covers are available in gold, silver and copper. Choose what is best for you!


Statements from satisfied customers


„I was thinking about moving into a retirement home, but now that calling for help has become so easy, I am happy to enjoy some more years in my own house.“


„I love the SwiftAlarm! Fall Detection in the gym, in my home gym and everywhere in my
life. I just feel safe now. I want to have life my way, without fear; and my life is a happy life with my muscles burning.“


„SwiftAlarm! is not only for active seniors, like I am, but for all who want peace of
mind as they go about their daily routines. Life is unpredictable. Be prepared.
Get the SwiftAlarm! app for your cell phone BEFORE you need it.“

The fall sensor is not for you? You only need an alarm button? In that case, we recommend SwiftAlarm! NoPanic ViolenceProtection.