What’s special about SwiftAlarm! NoPanic ViolenceProtection?

  • SwiftAlarm! NoPanic ViolenceProtection is the first anti-violence protection that can not be used against you!
  • You only need your smartphone and SwiftAlarm! NoPanic ViolenceProtection
  • Inconspicuous and easy to carry (for example on a collar or handbag, only 28 grams)
  • Your friends and family immediately know that you need help
  • Your exact position will be sent
  • With the supplied siren you can distract the attacker and alert passers-by
  • The siren distracts the attacker and helps to convict him


In case of an attack, your attacker has two advantages:

He knows where he is going to attack, and when. If you carry pepper spray, it is usually deep in your bag and not in your hand.
SwiftAlarm! NoPanic ViolenceProtection can be attached to your bag, to your clothing or on your key chain, so it is very easy to reach.
Your emergency contacts, such as friends, family members or even the emergency services will receive the information about where and when something has happened.
Trigger the siren and throw it between the attacker’s legs. He will try to disable it. When he realizes that he won’t be able to do so without the pin, he will throw the siren away. But then it will be too late – his finger prints will be on the device.
And that’s how the attacker becomes the hunted.
The siren
– gives you time to run away
– distracts the attacker
– can be used as evidence if the perpetrator left fingerprints

“Preventing five out of seven rapes is our goal,” says Dr. Rudolf King, founder and CEO of SwiftAlarm!

The new SwiftAlarm! NoPanic ViolenceProtection Set, no bigger than a keyring pendant, ensures more safety: The new SwiftAlarm! NoPanic Button makes it even easier to use the patented SwiftAlarm!

emergency calls to family, friends and the police.

The siren directs the attacker and alerts passers-by.

Furthermore, it helps to identify and convict the perpetrator without him even noticing.

SwiftAlarm! NoPanic ViolenceProtection is the first and only anti-violence protection that can not be used against the victim.
All you need is a smartphone and the SwiftAlarm! NoPanic ViolenceProtection Set (software license included).

The SwiftAlarm! NoPanic ViolenceProtection Set is inconspicuous and lightweight (28 grams), and can be attached to a keychain or to a handbag.

Friends, family and police immediately get the notification that and where exactly help is needed. Effective rescue operations can begin immediately.

“We think mainly of girls and young women on the way home,” says Dr. King, “The NoPanic Button can be attached to the handbag, for example, and is much easier to reach than the mobile phone.”