With just one tap on the button, SwiftAlarm! GOLD sends your call for help and your current location via text message. It informs exactly those friends and family members who can help you best at your current location.

Your benefits with SwiftAlarm! GOLD:

  • Works everywhere: at home and on the road
  • No additional hardware required*
  • Multi-patented technology
  • Highest reliability
  • No invasion of your privacy! Your position is stored only in your own device and will not be shared unless you trigger the alarm.


How does SwiftAlarm GOLD work?

Multi-patented solutions

Once set up, SwiftAlarm! GOLD determines your location and stores the last five positions in your smartphone. The ingenious feature: with its patented technology, the app selects exactly the right pre-defined contacts depending on your location. One person will get a call, while the other pre-set contacts will receive a text message with your exact location.

Swift positioning

By means of innovative GPS positioning and storing, SwiftAlarm! GOLD manages the balancing act to provide reliable security while at the same time respecting your privacy: The app determines your location and stores it in your smartphone at regular intervals. This is necessary to save valuable time in case of an emergency. While it can take up to 30 seconds to reliably find your location when you’re outdoors, it may be not possible at all when you’re in a building. Therefore, SwiftAlarm! saves the last five locations in the smartphone’s internal memory. As long as the alarm is not triggered, the data will never leave your phone.

Simple handling

In an emergency, all you need to do is to push the big red button on your smartphone, and SwiftAlarm! will notify the people who can help you in your current location. Learn more about SwiftAlarm! GOLD on our FAQ page.

Your safety is our passion

When developing SwiftAlarm! GOLD, we thought of our own relatives. It was most important to us that the app is user-friendly and works flawlessly. And we are convinced that we have achieved both.

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Transmission via text message

One of the special features of SwiftAlarm! is how the alarm is sent: The system is based on good old-fashioned text messages. This has several advantages:


Alarm transmission possible without internet connection

We have all been there: Mobile internet connection doesn’t always work as well as we would like it to, and in some areas almost not at all. Especially for an alarm app, this is a security risk. Therefore, we developed SwiftAlarm! from the beginning to work without internet connection. You will send out normal text messages, which works almost all the time and everywhere. In the very unlikely event that you have an internet connection, but no phone reception, the alarm can also be sent via internet. Additional fees will be charged.


Exception: iPhone and external devices

Unfortunately, Apple does not allow automatic text message sending. So on an iPhone, you need to manually confirm the transmission.

If you are using one of our additional devices with your iPhone (SwiftAlarm! NoPanic ViolenceProtection or SwiftAlarm! NoPanic Professional FallDetection), mobile internet is needed to send the alarm.

The emergency contacts does not need to have the app installed himself

As recipients, you can select friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues or your family doctor – and they don’t need to have the app installed on their own smartphones. In case of an emergency, your emergency contacts will receive a text message with a link, so we recommend to select people who are using a smartphone. A very simple one with internet connection and a browser is enough.
The link leads to your personal map, which shows your last four as well as your current position. The receipient can then jump to a route planner with one click to see the fastest way to get to your position.

Your advantages with SwiftAlarm!

Use this table to compare your current PERS (Personal Emergency Response System) to SwiftAlarm!
Functionality SwiftAlarm! Your PERS


Use just one system for inside as well as outside.
Your loved ones are safe – wherever they are and go.
You and your loved ones use the smartphone they have.
Neither you nor your loved ones need any extra devices.
Anyone can be a first responder without installing any software or owning a particular device.


protects you and your loved ones inside buildings
protects you and your loved ones outside of buildings
has your loved ones’ locations available when and wherever they come into trouble
Transmits special information about your whereabouts in buildings

Most trusted help sources

Send emergency request as text message to your first responder, family and friends, as many people as you like
You can call 911

Easy setup

Set it up in two minutes or less
Calls any desired first responder
Contact different people depending on your location
Military grade safety: doesn’t share your location unless you need it to
Available on Android
Available on IOS
Available on Blackberry


Faster first response by letting your responders know the route to you
Contains and transmit data an ambulance will want to know about the victim
Contains and transmits all data you need to find your loved one
Recognizes if the problem occured inside a vehicle – in this case helos you find the car easily


Free version available which is yours to keep in any case
No landline needed
you can use the smartphone you already have

Hardware available

Sensors can be attached – SwiftAlarm! is a sensor platform
Every situation is different – we have the hardware for each situation.
Take only the Hardware you need


We appreciate your feedback!

When developing SwiftAlarm! GOLD, we focussed on making the app as user-friendly, simple and of course as stable as possible. This is why we have achieved extremely high reliability. Do you have any thoughts on how to make SwiftAlarm! even better? We are looking forward to receiving your feedback! Please send us an e-mail to always_room_for_improvement@swiftalarm.com